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Viewing video in the player

When viewing a live stream or archive, as well as when exporting an archive, it's important to consider that the camera may have been added in a different time zone. For more details, see the «UTC Standard» section.

The player provides the following functions:

  • Viewing a live stream from the camera

  • Viewing and exporting archives (when available)

  • Taking a screenshot

  • Enabling/disabling audio (if supported)

  • PTZ camera control (if supported)

  • Full-screen viewing

When selecting a camera from the list, the camera feed is displayed:

Viewing the camera feed. Video player controls

Depending on the camera model and settings, additional parameters may appear on the screen, such as date and time, ambient temperature, etc.

Available functions:

1. Camera name

Click on the camera name to hide/show it.

2. Digital zoom/increase image size

Move the slider right/left to increase/decrease the image size, respectively.

3. Date and time of the displayed image

When viewing the archive, it shows the date and time at the moment of viewing.

4. Timeline

Used for navigating the archive. It displays a scalable timeline with time markers. Events are also displayed on the timeline.

Hover over the timeline, hold the left mouse button, and drag right/left to navigate the archive.

5. Rewind backward and forward by a specified interval

6. Function set

The set may vary depending on the camera model:

Save screenshot as a PNG file

Indicates the selected video stream quality. Clicking the stream quality button changes it. Changing quality is possible only when two video streams are available. Possible values: HD (high quality) and SD (low quality)

Control the camera's lens direction and optical zoom. This function is only available for PTZ cameras. Clicking it displays an additional panel for camera control

Playback speed. Displayed when viewing the archive. Available values: 1x, 5x, 10x

Enable/disable audio. This function is only available for cameras with audio recording support

Download archive. Description provided below

View the image in full-screen mode

When the «PTZ control» function is enabled, an additional control panel is displayed.

PTZ camera control

Press the direction button to change the lens position. To zoom in/out, press «+» and «-» accordingly.

To return to the default lens position and zoom, press the «Default» center button.

In some cases, camera control may have a delay, so it's recommended to press the direction or zoom buttons once and wait for the camera's response.

7. Scale the timeline's time axis

Move the slider right/left to increase/decrease the timeline's time axis granularity.

8. Choose the date and time for viewing

Clicking it displays a form for selecting the archive viewing time.

Select date and time for viewing

Choose the year, month, and day, specify the time, and click «Apply». Days with no archive recording are unavailable.

9. Download archive

Function to download the current camera's archive for the specified date and time.

The maximum duration of the period that can be downloaded in a single file is two hours.

Clicking the button displays a date and time selection form:

Select the period for downloading the archive

Then click «Download archive».

After the file is generated, a popup notification appears on the screen:

Archive generation notification

Clicking the link initiates the file download.

Generated files are available for download in the «Video recordings» section. Files are stored for 240 minutes from the time of creation, after which they are deleted. Additionally, when storage is filled to more than 80%, automatic deletion of the five oldest archives is performed.

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