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Call reception. iOS User

Calls are received on all devices connected to the same account.

Once a call is answered on one device, it is automatically ended on the others.

If a call is canceled on one device, the call continues on the others.

When a mobile device is connected to the internet via 3G or higher technology, there may be cases where an active voice call prevents receiving a call from the intercom.

If a call is answered on an analog handset of the intercom, a corresponding notification will be displayed on the screen.

When a call is received from the intercom on a mobile device with the screen unlocked, an incoming call notification appears. The notification includes the name of the intercom and buttons for rejecting or accepting the call.

Incoming сall

To view the camera image from the intercom, tap anywhere on the notification. This will display the following interface:

Viewing the intercom camera

Intercom interface

On the first launch, you must grant the application access to the microphone in order to be able to communicate with the visitor.

Functions on the current screen:

  • Turn on/off speakerphone

  • Mute/unmute the microphone

  • Open the door. This ends the call

  • End the call. The door remains closed

If the call is not answered on any logged-in devices, a missed call notification will appear in the notification panel.

Missed сall

Tapping the notification opens the «Visits history» tab in the «Intercoms» section to view the camera image from the intercom.

If the call is answered on a landline phone or an analog handset of the intercom, a corresponding notification is displayed.

Notification of answering the call from another device

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