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Finding an available media server

Finding an available media server

Each server has settings that can be edited in the administrator panel:

is_enabled - this field controls manual disabling/enabling of the server in the distribution process. If disabled, no streams will be assigned to this server
streams_limit - the maximum number of primary streams that can be assigned to this media server
bitrate_limit - this field ensures that the total bitrate of all created streams on this media server (primary and secondary) does not exceed the specified value
group_type - indicates the type of group in which the cameras are located. Streams from these cameras will be distributed to corresponding servers or to servers with the all type (which means cameras of all types can be assigned). Possible values are public, private, and all

There are several settings in the administrator panel that can affect the selection of the media server for video stream creation
This is managed through media server groups. You can read about how they work in the «Create a media server group» section

There are settings that administrators cannot modify:
1. The server becomes unavailable when the usage of each disk exceeds 80%. This value can be changed in the environment settings (variable: MAX_MEDIA_SERVER_STORAGE_USAGE)

The first media server selected is the one with the lowest total bitrate of created streams (considering only primary streams)

For more information on how media server groups work, refer to the Create a media server group section

curl -k --request POST \
	--url 'https://your-domain' \
	--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
	--header 'Accept: application/json' \
	--data '[]'
$data = array (
$context = stream_context_create([
	'ssl'=>['verify_peer' => false],
	'http' => [
		'method' => '/',
		'header' => "Content-Type: application/json\r
Accept: application/json",
$result = file_get_contents('https://your-domain', false, $context);
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