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What's New 23.04

Administrator Cabinet


  • Messages about license expiration and other license-related messages have been added, as well as information on the number of distributed licenses and display of the licensing server status

  • Information on the number of distributed licenses has been added

  • Display of licensing server status has been added

  • «Support and software updates» tab has been added

  • Display of available analytics types for different licensing levels has been added


  • Added a message if the schedule was set by the user from a different time zone

  • Return to the list of cameras at the location has been added

  • The display of the audio track availability on the «Video Streams» tab when viewing the camera has been modified

Media Servers

  • Added the ability to enable/disable the «Incorrect cameras» feature

  • A corresponding message has been added in case media server groups are missing


  • Events for incorrect cameras have been added


  • New permissions have been added for the web client user, such as:

    • Client updates — the user will have access to new functionality that opens with corresponding permissions in the web client

    • Administration updates — the user will have access to new functionality that opens with corresponding permissions in the administrator's dashboard

  • Now on the «Temporary users» tab, when adding or editing a temporary user, any value can be used for the «Login» field


  • A new «Initialization» status has been added for cameras entered manually


  • Changes have been added to the «Switch matrix» tab when viewing an intercom

  • Now the login and password of the intercom are displayed when viewing the intercom

  • Checking for a network connection has been added for «Intersvyaz» intercoms

  • Description of connection scheme options has been added

  • Display of «Online» or «Offline» status for intercoms has been added

  • Added functionality «Line diagnostics» on the «Apartments» tab when viewing the intercom

  • Added apartment settings

  • Changed the logic of selecting the connection scheme

  • Added functionality to add an intercom camera to a user

  • Changed the authorization check for intercoms

  • Improved the check for the end of a call from the intercom


  • Now, by clicking on the analytics streams, you are directed to the «Streams» tab. In this case, only streams for the current executable file are displayed on the tab

System Settings

  • Added control over the presence of a captcha on the login page of the web client and in mobile applications


  • Changed the logic of displaying data on the dashboard

Web Client


  • Captcha has been added to user login


  • Added a message if the analytics work schedule was set by the user from a different time zone

  • Error handling functionality has been added for creating, deleting, and updating analytics cases


  • Messages about the validity period of licenses and warning messages about expiring licenses have been added

Mobile Apps


  • Added a message about the release of a new version. Also, the client version is displayed on the «Other» → «Settings» page


  • Now the temporary code for adding a visitor consists of 5 digits

  • Added display of status «Online» or «Offline» for intercoms

  • Improved functionality for ending calls


  • The «Tags» section has been renamed to «Events» and completely updated. The received events are divided into three types: analytics events, system events, and user tags

Date format

  • Now all dates are displayed in UTC format


  • Added captcha when user authorizes

  • The authorization has been modified. The «Check URL» button has been added and the QR code scanning button has been moved

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