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Analytics Architecture

Analytics Architecture

To ensure the proper functioning of the analytics, the following components are required:

  • Orchestrator: distributes incoming tasks to executable files. Services and other components for the orchestrator server:

    • Celery

    • Django: the orchestrator web application

    • Stats_processor: monitoring and processing of resource usage statistics

    • Matcher: processing of events from executable files

    • Event Collector: storage of events

    • Redis for the orchestrator server

    • Nginx for the orchestrator server

    • MySQL for the orchestrator server

    • Tarantool for the orchestrator server (Matcher Service)

  • Orchestrator client + supervisor

  • Push server (push1st): provides communication between system elements

  • Vectorizator: generates face image vectors

  • Executable files: capture and analyze video streams according to tasks

  • ClickHouse: a columnar analytical database (database for storing events)

As a user interface and media server, it is recommended to use VSaaS products - VMS and Mediaserver.

It is recommended to install executable files together with media servers.

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