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Camera installation requirements for using license plate recognition analytics with access control and management systems

The requirements for installing cameras listed below ensure stable operation of the «License Plate Recognition» analytics in conjunction with access control and management systems.


Recommended value

Installation height

not less than 1m and not more than 15m

Camera installation angle vertically

+/- 20°

Camera installation angle horizontally

+/- 20°

Allowed camera tilt angle relative to the axis

+/- 5°

The installation height of the video camera and the distance to the observed objects are determined by the image quality and viewing angles at the boundaries of the controlled zones required for this type of analytics and are generally determined individually for each video camera.

In addition to the requirements listed in the table, the following should also be taken into account:

  • Image quality at the boundary of the controlled zone - 500 pixels/meter

  • Vehicle speed from 0 to at least 50 km/h

  • Even good lighting

  • The image must be sharp and clear

  • High-contrast objects (such as billboards, trees, and lattice fences) should not be visible in the camera

  • The camera should not be directed at sources of light (sun, streetlights) and objects with a high reflection coefficient

  • If there is a barrier, it should be ensured that the barrier does not obstruct the license plate of the vehicle from the camera installation point

  • The width of the control zone should be taken into account

Control zones with dividing strips and a barrier

Control zones with dividing strips and gates

Open control zone with two-way traffic

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