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Add a cluster

To add a new media server cluster:

  • Click the Add Cluster button.

  • Specify:

    • Cluster title

    • Type

    • Select two or more media servers. When selecting a media server from the list, the following information is displayed:

      • Media servers that are not added to any clusters.

      • Status of enabling the media server for distribution.

      • Availability status of the media server.

  • If necessary, specify values for settings that will be inherited by all media servers included in this cluster:

    • Number of threads limit

    • Incoming traffic limit, in Kbps

    • Internal port

    • External port

    • WS port

    • RTSP port

    • Public port of the media server

  • Click the Create button.

If media server settings are specified in the cluster, after adding the media server, all its settings will be changed to the ones specified in the cluster.

Adding media server clusters

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