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Change a display type

To expand the list of objects completely, select the Expand all fields button.

The Expand all fields button

To collapse the list, select the Collapse all fields button.

The Collapse all fields button

To undo the last action or redo it after undoing, use the corresponding buttons.

Action management

To change the display type, select Tree and choose the relevant type from the drop-down list:

  • Code

  • Text

  • Tree

  • View

The currently selected display type is highlighted in red.

The default display type is set to Tree.

Selection of display type

For the View display type, translation editing is not available.

For the Code and Text display types, searching is not available.

To change the number of displayed fields, the following buttons are available:

  • show more for extend the list of displayed fields by 100 items.

  • show all for display the entire list of items.

The number of displayed items and the total count are shown to the left of the buttons.

Display of item count

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