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Configuration. View a camera

The Configuration tab is designed for viewing configurations, as well as uploading and downloading configuration templates.

The following configurations are provided:

  • NTP, setting the camera's time according to the selected server/time zone.

  • AudioEncoder_First, configuration of audio for the high-quality stream (not displayed if the camera does not support audio).

  • AudioEncoder_Second, configuration of audio for the low-quality stream (not displayed if the camera does not support audio).

  • VideoEncoder_First, configuration of the high-quality video stream.

  • VideoEncoder_Second, configuration of the low-quality video stream.

  • OSD_Time, displaying a line of text with the current time (time is configured in NTP).

  • OSD_Text, displaying arbitrary text (configured by the user).

  • SystemDateAndTime, information about the configured time zone and time on the camera.

  • HostName, information about the camera's name.

  • archive_range, setting the archive retention time on the camera: this can be configured both in the configuration and on the General Data tab.

When adding a camera via the ONVIF protocol, the following configurations are requested:

  • NTP

  • VideoEncoder_First

  • VideoEncoder_Second

  • OSD_Time

  • OSD_Text

Uploaded configurations can be saved as templates and used to configure other cameras. Importing configurations from templates is also available.

To import a configuration from a template:

  • Open the desired configuration.

  • Click on Load from Templates.

    • Select the desired template.

    • If necessary, check the Reload Stream checkbox.

    • Click Load.

Loading camera configuration from templates

Selecting a configuration template

To save a configuration as a template:

  • Open the desired configuration

  • Click on Save as Template.

    • Enter the configuration name*.

    • If necessary, change the configuration type (automatically filled in).

    • Select the service*:

      • 1.3 MP

      • 2 MP

      • 3 MP

      • 4 MP

      • 6 MP

      • 8 MP

      • Any

    • If necessary, change the manufacturer (automatically filled in).

    • If necessary, change the configuration (automatically filled in).

    • Add a description if necessary.

    • If necessary, check the checkboxes:

      • Restart streams

      • Default

    • Click Save.

* Fields are required.

Saving a configuration as a template

Saving a new configuration template

If, for some reason, the configuration import fails, the camera will retain its current settings, and the administrator will receive a corresponding notification.

To configure the configuration, it is necessary to set up the video streams.

The camera's configurations display the status of a specific configuration:

  • actual, current template.

  • expired, previous template.

  • error, error applying the template.

Camera configurations

After applying a template, it is necessary to restart the video stream.

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