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Deleted cameras

This page displays a list of deleted cameras.

After 30 days from the deletion, the camera is completely removed from the system.

The table contains the following columns:

  • Camera ID

  • Name

  • Camera status

  • Number of video streams

  • Camera IP address

  • Creation date

  • Deletion date

  • User – login of the user who deleted the camera

  • Location (filled in when using an addressing system)

Deleted cameras

Clicking on a camera from the list opens a window with information about the deleted camera.

Viewing a deleted camera

Parameters of the deleted camera cannot be edited.

To get information about the user who deleted the camera, click on his login. Also, the removal of the camera is recorded on the Events tab.

If the camera was deleted automatically, the column indicates that the camera was deleted by the System user. Selecting a user name will take you to the card of the remote camera on the Events tab.

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