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Fixes 21.03.2 Mediaserver


  • Reduced the time between requests during index transfer (750ms → 250ms)

  • When transferring each index, a reload of all indexes and ranges is no longer performed. This reduces the load on the service and reduces the total time for transferring indexes

  • Upon successful completion of the transfer, a command is sent to reload the indexes

  • The reload of indexes is done asynchronously


  • Fix for asynchronous event delivery to the controller

  • HLS spops for improperly configured cameras

  • Set TCP connection termination method as RST (SO_LINGER)

  • Fix for CLOSE_WAIT. Fixed the issue with unstable network when TCP response is not received for session termination

  • Fix for rtsp url parsing of non-standard ports to improve service stability

  • SSL self-signed certificate creation of a single instance at server startup

  • Default parameter tcp-keep-alive is enabled for all streams if parameter stream-keep-alive is not specified in the server configuration file

  • Invalid PayloadType in RTP packets is ignored in the stream from HikVision camera with temperature sensors

  • Detection of connection loss (power outage or network failure). Fixed live hang

  • Connection closure on timeout (appearance of CLOSE-WAIT RTSP connections)

  • Reset RTSP Read\Write TCP sessions before closing the connection (forcibly reset data in the TCP buffer)

  • Closing broken https connections (https CLOSE-WAIT)

  • Replaced locking type shared_mutex → mutex

  • DVR write, fixed the problem of missing headers in records

  • Fixed stream transfer between nodes to improve service stability

  • Fixed DVR for Axis cameras to improve service stability

  • Fixed disabling of DVR via API request to improve service stability

  • Other fixes that improve service stability

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