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Licensing of VMS

Currently, the license includes the entire platform functionality without limitations for each connected camera*. Additionally, separate licenses are required for each endpoint device for the intercom module and access control module.

For processing video and audio streams, a separate licensed server, Mediaserver, is used without any restrictions on the number of processed video and audio streams.

Part Number




VMS Core License

VMS Core. Software for managing and working with IP cameras, including:

  • Software for user workstations

  • Management of PTZ cameras

  • Mobile applications (iOS, Android)

  • Client for Windows 7, Windows 10

  • Client for web browsers

  • Integration package (API)

  • Camera auto-provisioning module (ONVIF, DHCP, NTP)

  • Device module, Intercom

  • Processing of motion events from cameras


VMS 1 Cam License

License for connecting 1 IP camera to VMS

*Only one main stream and one low-quality stream from the video camera are accepted per IP camera

**XXXX, brand code

***YY, application code

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