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Replace a panel. Sputnik intercoms

It is possible to programmatically replace an existing panel with a new one from the same vendor while maintaining the intercom settings.

To apply the function, a new panel must be installed and configured.

To replace the intercom panel:

  1. From the intercom details card, select the Replace panel button.

Group 26 (2).png

The Replace panel button

  1. Complete the opened Replace intercom form.

  • In the New panel UUID field, enter the UUID of a new panel or use the search.

  • You can also replace the intercom camera. To do this, select the Replace camera checkbox and complete the opened fields.

image 58 (3).png

Complete the form

If the camera isn’t changed, it's marked as camera for replacement.

If you replace a panel without an available camera, the camera should be barked to be replaced.

  1. Select Replace to complete the action.

Consequently, the system will automatically verify the availability of replacements for both the panel and the camera (provided the Replace camera option is selected). If replacements are available, the system will proceed with the replacement process for both the panel and the camera. This ensures that the necessary components are updated as needed. You’ll be notified with the relevant notification.

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