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Statistics. Web client user

The Statistics tab displays a table consisting of:

  • Licensing levels names

  • Total allocated licenses

  • Number of licenses in use

  • Number of available licenses

License statistics

Licenses are divided into licensing levels:

  • Licenses. Analytics. Level 1

  • Licenses. Analytics. Level 2

  • Licenses. Analytics. Level 3

Hovering over Analytics types provides a tooltip indicating the types of analytics accessible with the given licensing level.

Learn more about licensing levels: Licensing Analytics.

The number of licenses in use is calculated based on the cameras added when creating an analytics case. Therefore, if two cameras were added when creating an analytic case, two licenses will be used.

If the current user has sub-users who have added an analytics case, then the drop-down list indicates which sub-users have added a case with this type of analytics.


Number of sub user licenses

The Active licenses column in the row with a sub-user specifies the total number of licenses of the corresponding level used by that sub-user.

If a sub-user attempts to add an analytic case without having the necessary allocated licenses for that type, they will receive an appropriate notification.

After removing analytics licenses from a user, the information regarding analytics cases, reactions, events, and analytics resources is stored for 7 days before being deleted.

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