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The information panel of Sputnik intercoms

The upper part of the intercom information panel contains the details of the current intercom and a number of options.

image 2 (3).png

The information panel of a Sputnik intercom

The panel contains:

  • The system name of the intercom and its ID.

  • The intercom address.

  • The entrance (if specified).

  • The intercom UUID with a possibility to copy to the clipboard.

  • The vendor name.

  • The intercom operational status with one of the values: Installed, Initializing, Not installed.

  • The intercom availability status: Online or Offline.

  • The Back button to return to the list of intercoms.

  • The Restart intercom camera button that restarts video streams.

  • The Restarts item button that restarts the panel.

  • The Replace panel button.

  • The Delete button.

The intercom settings are available on multiple tabs.

image 57 (2).png

The Apartments tab

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