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The SIP server tab. Sputnik intercoms

On the SIP server tab, you can configure connection to the SIP server. This connection allows for receiving calls from the intercom via the landline phone and via the mobile application.

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The SIP server tab

The tab displays the settings:

  • SIP server. Displays the SIP server address.

  • Port. Displays the connection port to the SIP server.

  • Login. Displays the login to the SIP server account.

  • Password. Displays the password to the SIP server account.

  • DTMF door opening code. Specified for each relay (the number of relays corresponds to the number of panels in the entrance). The DTMF code allows opening the door from the landline phone by pressing the specified button.

If you edit the settings, select Submit to save the introduced changes.

To ensure proper interaction between the VMS system and the SIP server, the password should be specified on the SIP server tab, not in the web interface of the intercom control panel. Otherwise, when the corresponding connection scheme is selected, calls to the mobile device will not be received.

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