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The Switch matrix tab. Sputnik intercoms

On the Switch matrix tab, you can configure the matrix switcher settings.

The tab is displayed when the Matrix-switching or Combined 1 connection scheme is selected on the General data tab.

To enter the number of apartments, complete the Matrix capacity field.

The apartment matrix will be built automatically.

For Sputnik intercoms, the matrix is filled in automatically and can’t be edited.

The Switch matrix tab

If the total count of apartments in the matrix is fewer than the number specified in the Apartments tab, calls will be automatically directed to the apartments that appear first in the Apartments tab.

In the Intercoms switch type field, select the switch:

  • Metakom

  • Vizit

  • Cyfral

  • Eltis

The Flat offset field is used to enter the apartment number in case the first apartment in the apartment block doesn’t start with 1.

Select Save matrix to save the settings.

When the matrix is being edited, a verification process is conducted to confirm that there is no overlap of apartment numbers within different apartment blocks located at the same address. This ensures the uniqueness of each apartment number within a specific address.

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