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The Temporary (time) codes tab. The Administrator client

On the Temporary codes tab, you can create a code that is active within a limited time. You can provide this code to your visitors to open the door by themselves.

image 10 (3).png

The Temporary codes tab

The codes, that are created in the Administrator client, aren’t available to the users in the mobile apps. The codes created in the app aren’t displayed in the Temporary codes tab in the Administrator client.

To create a new temporary code, select Add a new code. As a result, a form that should be completed is displayed.

image 9 (2).png

Creating a temporary code

In the Duration field, specify the period of the code’s validity. You can select either from the drop-down list, or specify your own settings by selecting the Custom date option.

The duration of the created code can’t be modified.

Next, specify the flat. Only one flat is available to be set.

In the Note field, enter additional information, if required.

When the form is completed, select Submit.

To delete a code, select the checkbox for the code or codes, and Delete selected codes. Confirm the action.

image 9 (3).png

Deleting the codes

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