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UTC Standard

Within one organization, the VsaaS platform products may be used in different time zones. The Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) standard is used to standardize the display of dates and times.

The following date and time format is used:


In the server-side of the platform, dates and times are stored in UTC+0:00.

In the user-side of the system, the display of dates and times is based on the time zones of the users' devices. This functionality is applicable to:

  • The Administrator client

  • The Web user interface

  • The Desktop client

  • The Mobile app

The mentioned above should be taken into account when multiple users simultaneously work in different time zones.

For example, if a camera was added and configured in one time zone while the operator is located in a different time zone. As a result, the camera display time and the operator's timeline may differ.

The difference of time

To avoid such situations, it is recommended to indicate the UTC time zone in the camera's name.


The first user creates a camera at 11:00 in the UTC+3:00 time zone.

On the platform's server-side, the camera creation date is transmitted to and stored as UTC+0:00. As a result, the camera creation time corresponds to 8:00.

The second user, in the UTC+5:00 time zone, views the camera created by the first user. In this case, the camera creation time is displayed to the second user as 13:00.

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