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Mediaserver versioning

The media server has a defined development and support cycle.

Versioning is divided into LTS (Long Time Support) versions, stable builds, and experimental ones.

  • LTS versions have a long support period but do not include experimental and stable build features. However, critical updates are applied to them, improving stability and fixing any errors found during operation

  • A stable build includes all the latest functionality of the latest release, as well as all critical updates and fixes

  • An experimental build (including a night build) includes features of future releases, but is not a stable build. Its use in production mode is highly not recommended

Updates between Mediaserver versions are possible within at least two major releases.

The product version string is formed according to the following principle: [Project name Major.Minor.Patch.Hotfix]. For example, VSaaS

The major version is set in accordance with the rules of product development and release.

The minor version is increased when:

  • There is a change in the methods of operation while maintaining product functions

  • There are minor product changes

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