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Glossary Analytics


A column-oriented analytical database management system that allows online processing of analytical queries. More details:

Executable file

A separate module designed to execute neural network and analytical algorithms. It represents a unit of scalability within the video analytics platform. It receives tasks from the video analytics platform and sends the execution results to the video analytics platform and other data consumers.

The executable file is a runnable file with its resources. One of the arguments when launching the executable file is the path to the configuration file that contains information about the type of analytics that this executable file processes.


A component of the Analytics module that receives events (raw-events channel) from executable files via the push server and, if necessary, matches them.


A free relational database management system.


Open-source software for creating a lightweight and powerful web server. It is also used as a mail or reverse proxy server.


A software module for distributing tasks and video streams from video analytics to executable files.

Push server. Push1st

A component that acts as a link between the orchestrator and executable files during operation.


A fast in-memory key-value data store with open-source code.


Tarantool is an in-memory computing platform with a flexible data schema for efficient development of high-load applications. It includes a database and an application server in Lua. More details:


A component of the Analytics module that converts the received image file into a vector, which is sent to the vector database (Tarantool) and stored there.

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