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Adding a type of analytics

To add an analytics type, click «Add».

Add analytics type

Or open the «Case types» page and click on «Add case type».

Add case type

In the opened window:

  • Enter the name of the analytics type in the «Name» field:

    • loud-sounds

    • line-intersection

    • smoke-fire

    • camera-obstacle

    • visitors-counting

    • licplate-recognition

    • person-counting

    • motion-detect

    • face-recognition

  • Repeat the name of the analytics type in the «Field name» field

  • If necessary for image vectorization, select the «Use images» checkbox for the «face-recognition» analytics type

  • Complete the addition by clicking «Save»

Example of filling in fields when adding an analytics type


  • «Save and add another» to add another analytics type after saving the current one. In this case, a new addition window will open

  • «Save and continue editing» to open the editing window for this analytics type after saving

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