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Viewing information about a specific stream

To view information about a specific stream, open the «Streams» page, select the stream, and click on it.

Selecting a specific entry

After that, a window will open where you can find the following information:

  • «Job uid», the working uid of the stream

  • «Executable instance», the executable file on which the stream is being processed

  • «Stream case type», the type of analytics that is being used on this stream

  • «Platform json», a set of information that comes from the platform, including additional information for configuring the stream

  • «Binary json», a modification of "Platform json" for sending to the executable file

  • «Status», the status of the stream:

    • Working, the stream is running normally

    • Created, the stream has been created

    • Updated, the stream has been updated

    • Pending, the stream has been sent to the executable file but notification of its start has not yet been received

    • Prepared, the stream is ready to run but not yet started

    • Waiting images, the stream is waiting for image vectorization

    • Down, the stream is inactive due to problems with the video stream

    • To replace, the stream has been marked for transfer to another server

    • Pause, the stream has been marked for pausing

    • Unpause, the stream has been marked for unpausing

    • In_pause, the stream is currently paused

    • Stopped, the stream has been stopped and the executable file is no longer attempting to capture the media stream

  • «Stream uid», the uid of the stream

  • «Camera group uid», a unique identifier that groups multiple cameras within one type of analytics

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