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Estimated object illumination

Depending on different conditions, the value of illumination increases or decreases.

Use the table below to determine if the camera installation location (based on the illumination criteria) meets the camera installation requirements.



Clear, sunny day

More than 100 000 lux (sun angle 55°)

Sunny day with light clouds

70 000 lux

Overcast day

20 000 lux

Early morning

500 lux


4 lux

Clear night, full moon

0.2 lux

Clear night, partial moon

0.02 lux

Night, moon behind clouds

0.007 lux

Clear, moonless night

0.001 lux

Moonless night with light clouds

0.0007 lux

Dark, cloudy night

0.00005 lux

Indoor without windows with artificial lighting

100 – 200 lux

Well-lit indoor spaces, offices

200 – 1000 lux

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