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Introduction to VMS

VMS is the center of management for the VSaaS platform for video surveillance systems.

It serves as the central hub for orchestrating all components of the video surveillance system, ensuring their operational capability, and facilitating interaction with other products of the VSaaS platform.

It is the core center of management for configuring the video surveillance system.

The main features include:

  • Full configuration of the video surveillance system

  • Ensuring its operational capability and interaction with other products in the VSaaS architecture

The functionality of VMS allows for:

  • Managing the lifecycle of cameras, devices, and users

  • Managing hardware and virtual resources of media servers

  • Allocating separate virtual video surveillance systems for organizations and private customers (multitenancy)

  • Transferring part of the management of virtual video surveillance systems to the end consumer

  • Administering sessions, user requests, client software publications, and instructions for them

  • Managing statistics and investigations of incidents with a flexible reporting system

  • Integrating with client security systems

  • Integrating with billing systems and operator CRM

  • Uniting distributed video surveillance systems

  • Configuring remote access to IP cameras and video archives

  • Streaming and recording video

  • Setting flexible settings to suit user needs

  • Ensuring the fault tolerance of the video surveillance system while maintaining uninterrupted operation

VMS Composition:

  • Administrator interface:

    • Extensive set of administration functions

    • Detailed tool for adding, modifying, and deleting cameras in the system

    • Built-in system monitoring and provisioning of all available platform components

    • Detailed statistics and reporting on information, events, actions of the system and users

  • Client interface:

    • Web client:

      • Supports all current versions of web browsers for displaying the user interface

      • Convenient interface for interacting with available cameras and flexible settings for grouping them

      • Analytics module with flexible user settings

      • Ability for the user to view and manage events and analytics cameras

    • Mobile Apps:

      • Android and iOS applications

      • Viewing available cameras in live or archive mode

      • Grouping and defining cameras as favorites

      • Previewing exported video data

      • Rewinding data and ability to create screenshots while viewing camera video

      • Intercom

    • Desktop client

      • Organization of full security stations with the ability to simultaneously display up to 49 cameras on a single video monitor

      • Organization of various video wall configurations, with the ability to control pan-tilt-zoom cameras with joystick support

      • Available for Windows OS

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