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Applying configurations

To apply configurations, the following steps are necessary:

  • The camera must be connected to the data transmission network designated for the service

  • DHCP server IP address pools must be configured (see «DHCP subnet groups»)

  • The VMS has the camera data available, including:

    • Camera MAC address

    • serial_number


Applying configurations is done using the reservation method.

Algorithm for applying configurations:

  • The VMS communicates with the camera via the ONVIF protocol

  • The VMS retrieves camera data, including:

    • vendor

    • model

  • A configuration for the camera is selected for application. Configurations of the following types are chosen:

    • 'OSD_Time'

    • 'OSD_Text'

    • 'VideoEncoder_Second'

    • 'VideoEncoder_First'

    • 'NTP'

    • Camera model

    • Camera manufacturer

  • Applying configurations

The algorithm for applying configurations for a replaced camera follows the same steps as the algorithm for applying configurations for a new camera.

Applying configurations

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