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Archive playback. iOS User

To view the archive, you need to open the camera in Live mode and click on «Archive» (if access is granted).

Once you enter the archive, a timeline will be displayed for working with archived video recordings.

When viewing and exporting the archive, please note that the camera may have been added in a different time zone, so the system time indicated on the camera and the timeline may differ. For more information, see the «UTC Standard» section.

Functions during archive playback

Available functions:

  1. Calendar for selecting a specific date or period:

    • On the opened form, select the date, then the time, and click «OK»

  2. Sound on/off (if the camera records sound and the system has corresponding settings)

  3. Jump to the end of the archive

  4. Jump to the beginning of the archive

  5. Rewind time backward (available only in landscape viewing mode):

    • Rewind the video stream back by 5 seconds, 1 minute, 1 hour, or 24 hours

  6. Fast-forward time (available only in landscape viewing mode):

    • Fast-forward the video stream by 5 seconds, 1 minute, 1 hour, or 24 hours

  7. Screenshot:

    • Allows you to take a screenshot in archive mode

  8. Control button (for changing playback speed and managing bookmarks). Access to functions:

    • Open the list of bookmarks

    • Change playback speed (0.5x, normal, 5x, and 10x speed) for all cameras, including cameras with sound

    • Marks (show/hide). By default, bookmarks are not displayed on initial entry

    • Download a segment of the archive

  9. Slider for navigating the timeline:

    • By placing the slider at a specific time on the scale, the video playback starts from that time

  10. Switch between marks

To adjust the scale detail, you can stretch (compress) the timeline scale with corresponding finger movements.

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