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Creating a configuration template

There are two ways to create a template:

To create a new configuration template, click on «Add Template».

Displaying configurations

As a result, you will be directed to the page for adding a new configuration template. Here, you need to specify:

  • Template name

  • Configuration type

  • Service

  • Camera model

  • Camera manufacturer

  • Template description

Adding a new configuration template

Types of templates (configuration parameter):

  • NTP, setting the camera time according to the selected server/time zone

  • AudioEncoder_First, configuring sound for the high-quality stream

  • AudioEncoder_Second, configuring sound for the low-quality stream

  • VideoEncoder_First, configuring the high-quality video stream

  • VideoEncoder_Second, configuring the low-quality video stream

  • OSD_Time, displaying a line of text with the current time (time is configured in NTP)

  • OSD_Text, displaying arbitrary text strings

  • SystemDateAndTime, information about the configured time zone and camera time

  • HostName, information about the camera name

  • archive_range, setting the archive storage time on the camera 

If the template should be used for all cameras of this model and manufacturer by default, enable the «Default» setting.

By opening an existing template, you can view the list of all cameras to which it is applied.

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