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Section is designed for viewing the list of system events.

Event records are stored for 90 days from the moment of creation.

If the event is related to a camera that has been deleted, the record is stored for 30 days from the moment of camera deletion.

List of events

Filters by start and/or end dates of the event, event type, and administrator are provided for quick event search.

The event author (if available) is indicated in the «Username» column. If the event is caused by changes in the customer's system (camera attachment, camera deletion, etc.), the corresponding system name is indicated in the column.

Events are categorized as follows:

  • Billing, events received from the Customer's system via API

  • DHCP, events related to the DHCP service

  • AP, events of the auto-provisioning process

  • Stream Active/Inactive, displays the current status of camera/device streams

  • Movement Error, an event that occurs during the process of transferring camera streams between different media servers

  • SMTP Motion Detection, motion detection received directly from the camera via an SMTP server (mail client)

Clicking on a row displays additional information about the event.

List of events:

  • Billing. Сreate camera

  • Billing. Update camera

  • Billing. Delete camera

  • Billing. Create stream

  • Billing. Update stream

  • Billing. Create private folder

  • Billing. Update location

  • Billing. Create user

  • Billing. Update user

  • Billing. Delete user

  • Billing. Manage user cameras

  • Billing. Manage user licenses

  • Billing. Check user licenses

  • DHCP. Failed to Create DHCP Reservation

  • DHCP. Failed to Update DHCP Reservation

  • AP. Connection Initialization Error

  • AP. High-Quality Stream Retrieval Error

  • AP. Low-Quality Stream Retrieval Error

  • AP. High-Quality Stream Creation Error

  • AP. Low-Quality Stream Creation Error

  • AP. Camera Configuration Application Error

  • AP. Static Addressing Setting Error

  • AP. High-Quality Stream Update Error

  • AP. Low-Quality Stream Update Error

  • AP. Device Information Retrieval Error

  • AP. Camera Date and Time Setting Error

  • Stream Active

  • High-Quality Stream Active

  • High-Quality Stream Inactive

  • Low-Quality Stream Active

  • Low-Quality Stream Inactive

  • High-Quality Stream Enabled

  • High-Quality Stream Disabled

  • Low-Quality Stream Enabled

  • Low-Quality Stream Disabled

  • Movement Error

  • High-Quality Stream Activation Error

  • High-Quality Stream Deactivation Error

  • Low-Quality Stream Activation Error

  • Low-Quality Stream Deactivation Error

  • Movement Error

  • SMTP Motion Detection

  • Camera Deleted

  • DHCP. IP Address Allocation

  • Card Access Denied

  • Unknown Card Identifier

  • Archive Recording Start Error

  • Archive Recording Stop Error

  • On-Demand Archive Recording Start Error

If a camera is moved to the «Incorrect» section (see «Incorrect cameras» description), the corresponding event is displayed with the stream specified:

  • Camera placed in the Incorrect Cameras section. High/Low-Quality Stream

  • Camera placed in the Problematic Cameras section. High/Low-Quality Stream

  • Camera placed in the Disabled Cameras section. High/Low-Quality Stream

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