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Fixes 23.04

Mobile Apps

  • Fixed an issue with switching video quality when using mobile internet

  • Fixed an issue where video quality does not switch from standard to high when viewing live

  • Fixed an issue with zooming in/out on video stream when switching between markers

  • Fixed an issue with displaying the logo in the notification when saving a screenshot

  • Fixed an issue with selecting a time later than the current time when saving an archive for any day except today

  • Fixed an issue with rewinding in a saved recording when playing back from a device

  • Fixed an issue with displaying the archive when the video stream is unavailable

  • Fixed display of the Ā«Technical work in progressĀ» screen

Desktop Client

  • Fixed an issue where playback speed does not reset to 1x when selecting a new camera

  • Fixed an issue where the file name does not match the camera name in the saved archive

  • Fixed an issue with minimizing the main window

  • Fixed an issue with displaying the new name on a renamed camera

  • Fixed an issue where the password change field is not active for a temporary user

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