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Manual camera and video stream addition

Users have the ability to manually add a camera. Manual addition is possible without creating a location (address), in which case the camera is added to the «All Cameras» group (the group is displayed in the camera tree, see «Tree View»), or by specifying an address in the camera tree branch (see «Tree View»).

To manually add video streams, follow these steps:

  • Configure all network settings for the camera

  • Power on the camera

To add a camera manually:

  • Manually create a camera entity

  • Select the address according to the Central Addressing System (CAS) when adding the camera entity

If the location already exists, the camera is added to it. If it doesn't exist, a new location is created.

If the addition is made to a custom camera tree, CAS input is not required.

  • Choose the media server group

If no media server group is selected, the VMS automatically selects the least loaded server

As a result:

  • The request is sent to the Mediaserver

  • The Mediaserver captures the video stream and initializes the stream

  • The video stream is assigned the «Unknown» status

  • The camera is assigned the «Initializing» status

  • A re-request is sent to the Mediaserver, after which the video streams become active.

    The video stream is assigned the «Active» status.

    The camera is assigned the «Active» status

If the video stream capture fails, the stream status changes to «Inactive», and the camera is assigned the «Inactive» status.

  • The VMS assigns an ID and UUID to the video stream

  • A re-request is sent to the camera. If the VMS does not have a profile for this camera, the platform requests camera data:

    • MAC address

    • serial_number

    • vendor

    • model

If the vendor and/or model parameters were not obtained, the process is terminated

  • The camera data is recorded in the camera profile and NetworkDevice

Camera configurations are manually added (see «Configuration» for more details).

Adding camera configurations is only possible after successfully setting up video streams.

The «Provisioning» tab is not available when manually adding a camera.

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