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Getting Started

A link to the Mediaserver web interface is created during installation.

Typically, the link has the following format: https://<network main computer name>:8080/cpanel/

The web interface can be opened in a browser. After you open the link to the Mediaserver web interface, you will be redirected to the Server tab.

For information on what information is available on the Streams, Server, and Cluster tabs, see the corresponding chapters - Streams, Server, and Cluster.

General information about the server is always displayed in the upper right corner.

The following information is displayed in the following order:




The number of all streams that Mediaserver is working with and the number of active streams (indicated in parentheses). For example, if the parameter value is 44 (10), then there are 10 active streams out of all 44 streams on the server.


Incoming speed.


Outgoing speed.


The number of users currently viewing the stream.


The time the stream was captured (re-captured).


The current build version of Mediaserver (version number and its code name).

The logical web interface is designed for the administrator to monitor integration and server performance issues.

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