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Network device update

Network device update

When executing this request, the information about the camera's serial number and MAC address will be updated via ONVIF.

This action is only available for cameras with auto-provisioning disabled.

POST /api/admin/v1/cameras/{camera}/update-network-device

Method parameters

int camera, unique identifier of the camera

200 OK

Successful response

    "uuid": "3f7feece-9dba-45f8-8ec9-b2231130b4ed",
    "ip": "",
    "serial_number": "serial_number_of_camera",
    "mac": "mac_address_of_camera",
    "created_at": "2000-01-01T00:00:00Z"

401 Unauthorized

Authorization token is not provided or is invalid. Obtaining a token

curl -k --request POST \
	--url 'https://your-domain/api/admin/v1/cameras/{camera}/update-network-device' \
	--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
	--header 'Accept: application/json' \
	--data '{
    "camera": 0
$data = array (
  'camera' => 0,
$context = stream_context_create([
	'ssl'=>['verify_peer' => false],
	'http' => [
		'method' => 'POST',
		'header' => "Content-Type: application/json\r
Accept: application/json",
$result = file_get_contents('https://your-domain/api/admin/v1/cameras/{camera}/update-network-device', false, $context);
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