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Translation update

Translation update

Here, a complete object with all translations is sent, and based on that, a diff is created and saved in the database. Afterward, the entire diff is sent over Websockets to the admin.dictionary-update channel.

PUT /api/admin/v1/dictionaries/{locale}

Method parameters

int locale, locale (language) of the translations

array translation, translation value

string type, translation type

200 OK

Successful response

    "id": 1,
    "revision": 39,
    "language": "en",
    "translation": {
        "ok": "ОК",
        "for": "for",
        "may": "May",
        "yes": "Yes",
        "done": "Done",
        "hour": "hour",
        "july": "July",
        "june": "June",
        "live": "LIVE",
        "save": "Save",
        "april": "April",
        "close": "Close",
        "email": "Email",
        "extra": "Other",
        "hours": "hours",
        "login": "Login",
        "march": "March",
        "marks": "Marks",
        "retry": "Try again",
        "saved": "Saved",
        "today": "Today",
        "august": "August",
        "camera": "Camera",
        "cancel": "Cancel",
        "create": "Create",
        "log_in": "Log in",
        "minute": "minute",
        "ok_ios": "Оk",
        "archive": "ARCHIVE",
        "cameras": "Cameras",
        "err_422": "Please verify all information you have entered",
        "err_429": "Too many requests. Please try again later",
        "install": "Install",
        "january": "January",
        "no_date": "No date",
        "october": "October",
        "seconds": "seconds",
        "session": "Sessions",
        "symbols": "symbols",
        "contract": "Contract",
        "december": "December",
        "favorite": "Favorites",
        "february": "February",
        "hide_pas": "Hide passwords",
        "language": "Language",
        "long_tap": "Longtap",
        "november": "November",
        "password": "Password",
        "profiles": "Profiles",
        "renaming": "Enter new name",
        "show_pas": "Show passwords",
        "camera_hd": "High quality",
        "camera_sd": "Standard quality",
        "err_email": "Please enter at least 8 characters",
        "err_empty": "The field must be filled in",
        "new_group": "New group",
        "no_signal": "No signal",
        "pas_saved": "Your password has been successfully changed",
        "september": "September",
        "stub_mark": "Unknown label",
        "stub_name": "Unknown name",
        "stub_time": "Unknown time",
        "text_send": "Send",
        "theme_app": "Application operation",
        "vibration": "Vibration",
        "yesterday": "Yesterday",
        "your_mess": "Your message",
        "data_saved": "Data saved",
        "delete_now": "Delete now",
        "email_body": "Describe your problem below:
Please add screenshots to speed up the process.",
        "err_common": "Something went wrong. Please try again later.",
        "input_text": "Enter text",
        "log": "Login using",
        "mark_title": "My marks",
        "marks_show": "Show marks",
        "no_cameras": "No cameras",
        "pas_failed": "Something went wrong.
Check the entered data",
        "rename_ios": "Rename",
        "save_error": "Failed to save",
        "scan_again": "Please scan again",
        "sort_title": "Sorting",
        "welcome_to": "Welcome to",
        "all_cameras": "All cameras",
        "archive_end": "End of archive",
        "email_model": "Model",
        "email_phone": "phone",
        "error_share": "Failed to share",
        "group_title": "Group name",
        "hint_search": "Find camera",
        "model_phone": "Phone model:",
        "name_camera": "Camera name",
        "new_profile": "New profile",
        "reject_text": "I will connect to Wi-Fi",
        "stub_camera": "Unknown camera",
        "stub_street": "Unknown street",
        "version_app": "App version:",
        "another_apps": "More our applications",
        "choose_group": "Select a group",
        "choose_issue": "Please select the best options describing the problem",
        "data_deleted": "Data deleted",
        "email_device": "Device",
        "email_tablet": "tablet",
        "empty_search": "Nothing found",
        "group_delete": "Delete group",
        "hint_new_pas": "Enter a new password",
        "info_support": "Customer service",
        "mark_created": "Mark created",
        "mark_deleted": "Mark deleted",
        "mark_updated": "Mark updated",
        "mess_no_wifi": "Continue using mobile internet connection?",
        "no_favorites": "No favorites",
        "play_started": "Play has started",
        "play_stopped": "Play has stopped",
        "rate_app_ios": "Rate app",
        "scan_qr_text": "Please scan service provider QR-code to add connection profile",
        "server_error": "Server error. Please try later",
        "sorting_name": "By name",
        "speeds_title": "Playback speed",
        "theme_camera": "Problem with camera or another topics",
        "through_wifi": "Via Wi-Fi",
        "archive_start": "Start of archive",
        "camera_locked": "Camera is blocked",
        "camera_plural": "cameras",
        "camera_single": "camera",
        "choose_camera": "Select cameras",
        "close_session": "Close this session?",
        "continue_text": "Continue",
        "empty_all_mes": "Strange! Try to check later",
        "empty_message": "Empty Message",
        "err_authorize": "Please login",
        "group_cameras": "Camera groups",
        "group_renamed": "Group renamed",
        "inactive_mark": "The bookmark has expired",
        "mail_to_ask_1": "We are glad to any remarks and offers to perfect our application",
        "mail_to_ask_2": "If you are interested in something else please choose 'Problem with camera or another topics'",
        "marks_no_show": "Do not display",
        "marks_updated": "Marks upadted",
        "scan_detected": "Profile detected",
        "speeds_normal": "Normal",
        "title_no_wifi": "No Wi-Fi connection",
        "camera_problem": "Is there something wrong with this camera?",
        "camera_renamed": "Camera renamed",
        "create_profile": "Create profile",
        "err_auth_limit": "Login attempts limit are exceeded. Try again later",
        "err_permission": "Please allow photos permission to save the image.",
        "err_user_exist": "Account does not exist",
        "favorite_added": "Added to favorites",
        "groups_updated": "Group list updated",
        "list_group_add": "Add camera",
        "mark_new_title": "New mark",
        "more_live_list": "Marks list",
        "no_newer_marks": "No newer marks",
        "no_older_marks": "No older marks",
        "password_title": "Change password",
        "rate_app_later": "Not now",
        "rate_app_store": "Yes, rate in App Store",
        "rate_app_write": "No, write to developers",
        "screenshot_ios": "screenshot",
        "search_results": "Search results will be displayed here",
        "session_active": "Active",
        "show_all_marks": "Show all",
        "sorting_camera": "By camera",
        "title_settings": "Settings",
        "unknown_device": "Unknown device",
        "camera_hd_short": "High",
        "camera_sd_short": "Standard",
        "empty_group_mes": "You can create a newcamera group and addthe required cameras there",
        "empty_marks_mes": "You can create marks while watching a video",
        "err_camera_init": "Camera is initializing",
        "err_empty_group": "There are no cameras in the group",
        "err_media_codec": "This video quality is not available for your device",
        "feedback_report": "Thank you!",
        "list_extra_exit": "Exit",
        "rate_app_action": "Yes, rate in Google Play",
        "saved_in_folder": "Saved in folder",
        "screenshots_ios": "screenshots",
        "session_current": "Current session",
        "version_android": "Android version:",
        "archive_finished": "Archive ended",
        "archive_inactive": "No archive",
        "err_common_short": "An error has occurred",
        "error_no_profile": "Please create connection profile",
        "favorite_deleted": "Removed from favorites",
        "hint_current_pas": "Enter current password",
        "mark_create_date": "Date and time",
        "mark_empty_title": "Enter mark name",
        "mark_was_deleted": "Mark removed. Start of archive",
        "pas_error_length": "Password must contain at least",
        "pas_error_repeat": "New and old passwords should be different",
        "rate_app_opinion": "Your opinion is really important for us",
        "session_inactive": "Inactive",
        "title_my_screens": "My screenshots",
        "begins_from_space": "No space before text",
        "email_ios_version": "iOS version:",
        "empty_marks_title": "No marks yet",
        "err_file_not_find": "File deleted.",
        "err_no_connection": "No connection. Please try again later",
        "error_data_delete": "Data delete failed",
        "error_profile_api": "Enter proper URL, for example https://XXXXXXXX.XX/XXX/",
        "error_repeat_name": "The selected login is already in use",
        "inactive_mark_msg": "The corresponding video file is no longer available.",
        "list_group_rename": "Rename group",
        "list_support_call": "Call to customer support",
        "mail_to_ask_title": "What would you like to tell us?",
        "mark_create_title": "Name",
        "mark_created_fail": "An error occurred while creating a mark. Try later",
        "mark_deleted_fail": "An error occurred while deleting a mark. Try later",
        "mark_out_of_range": "This mark is not available. End of archive",
        "mark_updated_fail": "An error occurred while updating a mark. Try later",
        "more_live_quality": "Video quality",
        "pas_error_confirm": "Passwords are different",
        "rate_app_question": "Do you like the app?",
        "screenshot_chosen": "Chosen",
        "session_completed": "Session ended",
        "email_cameras_work": "Cameras functioning",
        "empty_favorite_mes": "But you can add any of your cameras here",
        "empty_screen_title": "There's nothing yet",
        "err_camera_problem": "Camera problem",
        "err_in_this_moment": "Currently",
        "error_empty_fields": "All fields must be filled",
        "extra_bottom_title": "Current user",
        "group_rename_title": "Enter group name",
        "on_boarding_text_2": "All videocameras in one app",
        "screenshots_select": "Select",
        "sorting_write_date": "By recording date",
        "wifi_settings_text": "Watching video",
        "camera_rename_title": "Camera rename",
        "err_no_archive_date": "No archive for the date",
        "error_change_filter": "Try changing your search parameters",
        "inactive_camera_msg": "Please try again later",
        "marks_no_permission": "No access to marks",
        "sorting_create_date": "By creation date",
        "camera_not_available": "Camera is no longer available",
        "choose_cameras_title": "Select cameras",
        "chosen_cameras_title": "Selected cameras",
        "empty_screenshot_mes": "Your screenshots will be added here",
        "err_camera_init_long": "Camera is initializing. Soon everything will be ok",
        "err_no_space_allowed": "Please do not use space",
        "error_technical_work": "Sorry, we're doing technical work. Please try again later",
        "hint_new_pas_confirm": "Confirm new password",
        "inactive_camera_live": "Live is not available",
        "max_cameras_selected": "Camera limit reached",
        "title_active_session": "Active sessions",
        "err_cant_load_archive": "Failed to load archive",
        "err_no_streams_repeat": "Playback error",
        "err_permission_camera": "You must give permission to scan the code with your device's camera.",
        "has_not_app_installed": "No installed apps",
        "inactive_camera_title": "Video is unavailable",
        "list_support_feedback": "Feedback",
        "on_boarding_title_reg": "Create an account",
        "on_boarding_title_use": "Use",
        "pas_error_length_long": "Password lenth should contain no more than",
        "screenshot_delete_mes": "Delete",
        "theme_camera_subtitle": "Tariffs, service connection",
        "array_new_profile_name": "Profile name|Please enter profile name",
        "err_camera_unavailable": "Camera is unavailable",
        "no_internet_connection": "No internet connection",
        "open_folder_screenshot": "Open screenshots folder",
        "overload_session_title": "Active sessions limit is exceeded",
        "wifi_settings_text_add": "You can restrict the use of mobile data for watching videos",
        "err_archive_unavailable": "Archive is unavailable",
        "list_extra_actions_exit": "Logout",
        "list_marks_actions_edit": "Edit",
        "list_marks_actions_goto": "Go to the camera",
        "list_marks_actions_name": "Mark name",
        "on_boarding_title_watch": "Watch",
        "screenshot_action_title": "Actions",
        "screenshot_delete_title": "Screenshot will be deleted",
        "check_storage_permission": "Please check your storage permission for this app",
        "empty_filtered_marks_mes": "Selected cameras have no marks",
        "empty_marks_camera_title": "Selected camera has no marks",
        "err_no_character_allowed": "This symbol is not allowed.",
        "error_delete_from_memory": "Failed to delete from phone memory",
        "overload_session_max_ios": "(maximum -",
        "contact_the_administrator": "Contact your administrator",
        "err_session_not_completed": "Something went wrong. Can't terminate the session",
        "list_extra_actions_change": "Change password",
        "list_marks_actions_delete": "Delete mark",
        "notification_channel_name": "Notify me when screenshot is created",
        "on_boarding_title_welcome": "Welcome!",
        "overload_session_subtitle": "Too many active sessions - please choose unnecessary session to terminate",
        "err_media_codec_unexpected": "Playback error",
        "list_camera_actions_add_gr": "Add to group",
        "list_camera_actions_del_gr": "Remove from group",
        "list_camera_actions_rename": "Rename camera",
        "list_camera_actions_report": "Tell us about problem",
        "no_internet_connection_ios": "No internet connection",
        "overload_session_title_ios": "Active sessions limit is exceeded",
        "wifi_settings_choice_first": "Using any network",
        "err_archive_permission_deny": "You do not have permission to view the archive",
        "err_camera_unavailable_long": "Camera is unavailable. We do our best to fix this soon",
        "list_camera_actions_add_fav": "Add to favorites",
        "list_camera_actions_del_fav": "Delete from favorites",
        "wifi_settings_choice_second": "Ask me when mobile internet connection is used",
        "err_archive_unavailable_long": "Currently only archive is available",
        "err_stream_video_unavailable": "Stream is not available",
        "empty_marks_mes_no_permission": "You have no permission to create marks",
        "err_media_codec_change_stream": "This videostream quality is not available for your device. Switch to standard stream",
        "list_screenshot_actions_share": "Share",
        "err_camera_streams_unavailable": "No videostreams",
        "err_media_codec_change_quality": "This video quality is not available for your device. Switch to standard quality",
        "list_screenshot_actions_delete": "Delete screenshot",
        "overload_session_max_same_time": "simultaneous)",
        "stream_currently_not_available": "Stream is temporary unavailable",
        "wifi_settings_choice_first_add": "A fee may be charged for the internet connection",
        "err_camera_streams_unavailable_long": "No videostream at the camera. We do our best to fix this soon",
        "to_fast_resolve_problem_add_screenshot": "Please attach screenshot to resolve the issue more quickly.",
        "dates": "Dates",
        "copied": "Copied",
        "add_time": "Choose action date",
        "all_days": "All days",
        "end_date": "End date",
        "inactive": "Inactive",
        "intercom": "Intercom",
        "time_due": "Time due",
        "visitors": "Visitors",
        "copy_code": "Copy code",
        "hours_big": "Hours",
        "intercoms": "Intercoms",
        "your_code": "Your code",
        "check_done": "Done",
        "code_valid": "Code is valid",
        "enter_name": "Enter visitor name",
        "start_date": "Start date",
        "action_time": "Valid due",
        "add_visitor": "Add visitor",
        "door_opened": "Door has opened",
        "flat_number": "Apartment number",
        "intercom_on": "Intercom is on",
        "minutes_big": "Minutes",
        "no_visitors": "No visitors",
        "resend_code": "Send code again",
        "choose_dates": "Сhoose date",
        "code_entered": "Code has entered",
        "code_expired": "Code time expired",
        "days_of_work": "Choose day",
        "name_visitor": "Visitor name",
        "no_intercoms": "No intercoms",
        "code_ decided": "Expired code",
        "name_intercom": "Choose intercom",
        "set_work_mode": "Intercom configuration",
        "visit_history": "Visits history",
        "add_new_visitor": "Add new visitor",
        "choose_intercom": "Choose intercom",
        "delete_intercom": "Delete intercom",
        "rename_intercom": "Rename intercom",
        "add_new_intercom": "Add new intercom",
        "code_deactivated": "Inactive code",
        "days_of_the_week": "Days of week",
        "no_visit_history": "No visits history",
        "activate_intercom": "Activate intercom",
        "enter_flat_number": "Enter apartment number",
        "intercom_connected": "Intercom connected",
        "delete_load_history": "Delete calls history",
        "intercom_activation": "Intercom activation",
        "wait_for_activation": "Wait for activation",
        "delete_load_visitors": "All visitors will be deleted",
        "lets_add_new_visitor": "Please add new visitor",
        "bring_key_to_intercom": "Place key to intercom",
        "delete_chosen_history": "Selected calls will be deleted",
        "delete_chosen_visitirs": "Delete selected visitor",
        "delete_chosen_visitors": "Selected visitors will be deleted",
        "enter_code_on_intercom": "Enter code using intercom entry panel",
        "set_intercom_work_mode": "Set intercom notifications",
        "new_visitor_successfully_added": "New visitor has been successfully added",
        "input_visitor_name_code_auto_generate": "Set visitor name to generate code",
        "turn_microphone_on": "Turn microfone on",
        "turn_microphone_off": "Turn microfone off",
        "intercom_settings_changed": "Intercom settings has changed",
        "dismiss": "Cancel",
        "speakerphone": "Speakerphone",
        "open_intercom": "Open the door",
        "deny": "Deny",
        "grant": "Allow",
        "no_connection": "No internet connections",
        "intercom_silence": "Silence intercom",
        "call_will_be_ended": "The call will be canceled",
        "camera_and_audio_permissions_needs": "Camera and audio access permissions are required",
        "camera_and_audio_permissions_required": "Please allow to use camera and audio",
        "visitor": "Visitor",
        "schedule": "Schedule",
        "enter_flat": "Enter appartment number",
        "choose_date": "Select date",
        "choose_days": "Select days",
        "choose_time": "Select time",
        "seconds_big": "Seconds",
        "days_not_choose": "Days was not selected",
        "dates_not_choose": "Dates was not selected",
        "intercom_work_mode": "Intercom schedule",
        "no_visitors_no_intercoms": "Visitors list",
        "min": "min",
        "sec": "sec",
        "archive_downloading": "Archive is downloading",
        "share_code": "Share code",
        "archive_format_error": "Check selected period",
        "SHELL_ARCHIVE_PROCESS": "Downloading",
        "archive_interval_error": "Archive cannot be longer than 10 min",
        "download_archive": "Download archive",
        "download_archive_end": "End of archive fragment",
        "download_archive_start": "Start of archive fragment",
        "download_archive_title": "Select archive duration (maximum 10 min)",
        "download_archive_description": "Please use desktop app to download more than 10 min",
        "favorite_cameras": "Favourite cameras",
        "favorite_cameras_widget_details": "Use widget to fast favourite cameras access",
        "generate": "Generate",
        "day": "Day",
        "week": "Week",
        "hours_multiple": "Hours",
        "watch_video": "Watch video",
        "intercom_widget_details": "Use winget to fast door opening",
        "download_archive_error": "Archive download error",
        "users_marks": "User marks"
    "is_delete": 0,
    "type": "android",
    "created_at": "2021-05-27 15:43:37",
    "updated_at": "2021-05-27 15:43:37"

401 Unauthorized

Authorization token is not provided or is invalid. Obtaining a token

curl -k --request POST \
	--url 'https://your-domain/api/admin/v1/dictionaries/{locale}' \
	--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
	--header 'Accept: application/json' \
	--data '{
    "locale": 0,
    "translation": [],
    "type": "string"
$data = array (
  'locale' => 0,
  'translation' => 
  array (
  'type' => 'string',
$context = stream_context_create([
	'ssl'=>['verify_peer' => false],
	'http' => [
		'method' => 'PUT',
		'header' => "Content-Type: application/json\r
Accept: application/json",
$result = file_get_contents('https://your-domain/api/admin/v1/dictionaries/{locale}', false, $context);
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