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AuthorizationApi. iOS

Api to login to the app


Login to your application. See StaticsApi to know if you need captcha information for this request.

If you receive 429 error, that means you need to delete session. For that repeat this request with sessionId parameter that you can take from error. See VMSApiError details for that information.

If request was successful you'll VMSUserResponse object. If any error would occur you would get an VMSApiError object.

login(with login: VMSLoginRequest, completion: (VMSUserResponse?, VMSApiError?))


Object with needed information for login request.

init(login: String, password: String, captcha: String?, captchaKey: String?, sessionId: String?)

login - user's login

password - user's password

captcha - captcha user entered from image

captchaKey - captcha key received from server

sessionId - session you want to replace with the new one

Get captcha

If you need captcha fo login make this request at first to get it.

If request was successful you'll VMSCaptcha object. If any error would occur you would get an VMSApiError object.

getCaptcha(completion: @escaping (VMSCaptcha?, VMSApiError?))


Object you receive from server with needed captcha information for login.

key - captcha key needed to login with captcha

img - base64 representation on captcha image

ttl - valid time of living of requested captcha

getImage() -> UIImage? - converts received img data into image

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