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System events. iOS User

System events display specific changes in the system:

  • Changes in low/high-quality stream activity

  • Changes in camera status: active, inactive, partially active, paused, etc.

System events

Each event row contains the following information:

  • Date and time of the event

  • Icon indicating active/inactive stream or camera

  • Event name

  • Camera name

Event filtering

Filter provided:

  • By camera

  • By event period

To set up a filter by camera, click «Filters» and select «Cameras».

Next, select the required cameras from the list. If necessary, use the camera search by name.

Camera selection

Tap on «Save».

On the next screen, if needed, you can edit the camera list.

Editing the camera list

On the same screen, if necessary, configure a filter by the period of event creation. Click «Event period», select one of the preset values or set your own period.

Setting up a filter by period

After setting the filters, click «Apply».

As a result, the list will contain only events that relate to the selected cameras and/or the specified period.

Sorting events

Events can be sorted by the date they were created.

To configure sorting, click on the sort button and select the desired option.

Sorting events

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