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Working with a stream

This page presents commands for working with a stream, namely:

  • Creating a stream

  • Deleting a stream

  • Disabling a stream

To start capturing a stream with the media server, it needs to be configured properly. Each configuration file should contain parameters for one stream.
The path to the stream configuration files is set in the parameter.

The server loads all files with the .yaml extension from the directory. Other files are ignored.

One stream corresponds to one configuration setting.

Creating a stream

All created streams are stored in one folder:


Each stream has its own configuration setting. In the created *.ini file, you need to copy the configuration setting template.

The file looks like: stream-uid.ini

When creating a stream, its name must be unique.

Creating a file:

/opt/<xxxx>/media-server/streams/ sudo touch 123.ini

Ā«Configuration settings for camera streamĀ».

Deleting a stream

Deletion occurs in 3 stages.

1. The stream is deleted

sudo rm cbd5918d-c977-4534-a0cc-d588c9db5795.ini

2. The archive is deleted (the entire folder with its location is specified)

rm -r cbd5918d-c977-4534-a0cc-d588c9db5795

3. After deletion, the service must be restarted

sudo service <xxxx>-media-server restart

Disabling a stream

In some situations, it is enough to simply disable a stream.

If a stream is disabled, it stops recording, but archive recordings remain on the server.

To disable a stream in the configuration setting file, set the value to false.

stream-enable   =   false  //Disabling a stream
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