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Analytics events. iOS user

Analytics events refer to events that occurred within previously added analytics cases in the web user interface.

Analytics events iOS.png

Analytics events

Each event line contains the following information:

  • Image (for some types of analytics)

  • Event date and time

  • The percentage of similarity between the reference image and the image obtained from the camera (for the Face recognition and License plate analytics types)

  • Resource group name (for analytics types Face recognition and License plate)

  • Analytics resource name (for analytics types Face recognition)

  • A container number (for the Container number recognition analytics type)

  • Analytics type name

  • Event name

  • Analytics case name

  • Camera name

  • Camera location

Viewing events

By tapping on a row, you can navigate to the camera archive at the moment of the event.

Viewing an event

For the Face recognition, License plate recognition, and Container number recognition analytics types, tapping an image will expand this image to full screen.

Номер iOS.png

Enlarged image

Event filtering

Event filters available:

  • By type of analytics

  • Based on analytics cases

  • By analytics events

  • By camera

  • By period

Setting up filters

You can select one or multiple analytics types.

Group 8 (3).png

Selecting the analytics types

After selecting the types of analytics, the choice of one or more analytics cases becomes available. Only cases with the selected types of analytics are available for selection.

Selecting analytics cases

After selecting the analytics cases, you can choose one or multiple analytics events.

To configure the camera filter, tap on Filters and select Cameras.

Choose the desired cameras from the list. Next, select the required cameras from the list. If necessary, use the camera search by name.

Camera selection

Tap Save.

To set up a filter by period, click Event period and select one of the preset values or set your own period.

Setting up a filter by period

Click Apply.

Make sure the filters are configured correctly.

View configured filters

Tap Apply.

As a result, the list will contain only those events that satisfy all filter conditions.

To cancel all filter conditions and return to the original list, tap X on the Filters button.

Event list after filtering

Sorting events

Events can be sorted by the date they were created.

To configure sorting, click on the sort button and select the desired option.

Sorting events

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