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A common range of objects illumination

Object illumination can vary based on a range of different factors. Refer to the table below to estimate the object illumination depending on various conditions:

Light condition

Typical lux

Clear, sunny day

More than 100 000 lux (sun angle 55°)

Sunny day with slight overcast

70 000 lux

Overcast day

20 000 lux

Early morning

500 lux


4 lux

Clear night, full moon

0.2 lux

Clear night with a moon in any phase other than the full moon

0.02 lux

Night, moon in clouds

0.007 lux

Clear night (no moon)

0.001 lux

Night with slight overcast (no moon)

0.0007 lux

Dark, cloudy night

0.00005 lux

Indoors, no windows, with artificial illumination

100 – 200 lux

Well-illuminated indoor spaces, offices

200 – 1000 lux

To compare the illumination conditions of an object with the placement requirements of a camera for a specific type of analytics, navigate to a relevant page:

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