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FAQ. The VSaaS platform

In the FAQ section, you can find answers to the frequently asked questions.

What is cloud video surveillance?

Cloud video surveillance is a complex of video surveillance systems that operate with a remote server (cloud). This setup provides real-time access to live video signals and archived data captured by the cameras.

What is the platform for video surveillance used for?

Video surveillance platform is designed to simplify the operation of the video system and increase its efficiency. It allows for solving a wide range of tasks related to receiving, processing, transmitting, and storing video and audio information from cameras and other devices. The intended use of the platform will determine if basic video surveillance software or VMS is required, with the capability to manage up to tens of thousands of video channels. Meanwhile, the software helps to promptly respond to events, prevent incidents, and effectively investigate incidents.

What products does the platform consist of?

The platform consists of three solutions:

  • VMS (Video Management System) is the central management core for configuring the video surveillance system.

  • Mediaserver is a high-performance server for processing video, audio, and data information.

  • Analytics provides intelligent analysis and processing of video streams from various sources.

For more information about each product, see the corresponding sections: VMS, Mediaserver, Analytics.

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