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Glossary of Analytiсs

Analytics case

It is a set of elements that implement the functionality requested by the end user. Analytics scripts and models are the elements of an analytics case.

Analytics process

During this process, a video stream is captured and processed, leading to the generation of an analytics event. An analytics script is executed during the analytics process.

Analytics process manager

It is an element of an analytics worker that is in charge of receiving requests to process video streams, transmitting analytics events, managing analytics processes, and providing necessary resources to analytics processes (specifically, an interface for interacting with the model server).

Analytics script

It is code that executes video capture and processing. Video processing usually includes, but is not limited to, data generation for neural network processing with help of a model server and the results interpretaion. For the proper execution of the analytics script, the model server must contain all necessary models required by the script.

Analytics worker

It is a service that receives requests to process audio and video streams, captures and processes them, and generates analytics events.


It is a column-oriented database management system for online analytics events processing. For more details, see this page.


It is an Analytics element that receives events from the analytics workers through the Raw-events channel via the push server and, if required, matches events.

Model sever

It is a service that processes requests for neural network infrenece.


It is a free relational database management system.

Neural network inference

Involves continuous data processing by a neural network on the end device.


It is open-source software for creating a lightweight and powerful web server. It is also used as a mail or reverse proxy server.


It is a service that manages analytics workers and distributes among them requests to process video streams.

Push server (Push1st)

It is an Analytics component, a message broker, that is used for communication of the Analytics elements.


It is a fast in-memory key-value data store with an open-source code.


It is an in-memory computing platform with a flexible data schema. This platform is used for efficient development of high-load applications. It includes a database and an application server in Lua. For more details, see this page.


A sequence of measurements or observations related to the same object or event. Tracks can be used to analyze the paths, behaviour, and interactions of objects.


It is an Analytics element that converts a received image file into a vector, which is then sent to a vector database (Tarantool) for storage.

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