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Glossary of the Bridge


It is a hardware-software device engineered to receive audio/video streams from sources (cameras) via the RTSP protocol. It also executes the publication of video/audio data streams towards the VsaaS platform via the RTSP publishing protocol.


It is a video/audio stream source that transmits data via the RTSP protocol.


It is a microservice of the VSaaS platform that facilitates interaction/exchange of service information between:

  • Controller <> MSE

  • Bridge <> Control Plane


Stands for Media Server Engine. It is a high performance server to process information of video, audio, and data types.


A set of hardware-software solutions of the APIX video surveillance system.


The end user who interacts with all the system components to be able to view audio/video streams from cameras.


Stands for Video Management System. It is a management core designed to set up the video surveillance system.


It is a software platform with a modular architecture designed for video surveillance systems.

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