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Hardware and system requirements

Mediaserver LTS is a high-performance server engineered for processing various types of information such as video, audio, and data.

Before you start with Mediaserver:

  • Prepare the hardware that meets the hardware requirements specified below.

  • Ensure the system requirements are met to properly install the server.

The hardware requirements

You should take into account the following main parameters for the calculation:

  • Total bitrate of cameras.

  • Archive storage time.

  • A codec that is used.

  • A number of streams from one source and stream parameters.

  • A number of users.

For a correct calculation, it is recommended to consult specialists.

As an example, values were taken from an Intel Xeon Gold 6226R CPU server (in powersafe mode, frequency 1.59 GHz) and may differ for other processor models. IOPS values were taken for the Avago 3108 hardware RAID controller and maximum stream bitrate of 3.26 Gbit/s.

Number of streams with archive

CPU load





<1 vCPU

~4 ГБ


~325 Mbit/s


<2 vCPU

~20 ГБ


~1,6 Gbit/s


<4 vCPU

~40 ГБ


~2 Gbit/s

*Stream bitrate is from 2 to 4 Mbit/s.

Recommended hardware and system requirements


Number of streams*








4 vCPU

8 vCPU

12 vCPU

16 vCPU

32 vCPU

Ubuntu 20.04

Rack/VMware (or equivalent)


16 GB

48 GB

64 GB

80 GB

160 GB


128 GB

128 GB

128 GB

128 GB

128 GB

Network adapter

1 Gbit/sс

2х1 Gbit/s

10 Gbit/s

10 Gbit/s

2х10 Gbit/s

Required HDD volume (archive, 30 days)

60 TB

300 TB

600 TB

1200 TB

3000 TB

*Streams in proportion HD 2Mbit.s/SD 0.2Mbit.s - 1/1

A configuration for 1000 channels can handle up to 2 Gbit/s of incoming camera traffic.

The HDD requirements (storage volume) are given for reference for 2 Mbit/s video streams, 30 days, 24/7 recording mode. The actual storage volume depends on the camera resolution, codec, quantization/compression level, scene activity, recording mode, and the required archive storage period, and is calculated individually for each installation.

Additional conditions for working with the media server

License files are required to work with the server.

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