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The Plans subsection

This section is designed to demonstrate the placement of cameras on a plan. Any user image can be used as a plan, such as a floor plan, building layout, or the area around a building.

When you navigate to this section, a table is displayed that shows:

  • Plan name

  • Number of cameras on the plan

  • Date of plan creation

The list of plans

Clicking on a row will take you to the page for viewing and editing the plan. The description is provided below.

Adding a plan

To add a new plan, click Add a plan.

Adding a plan

This will take you to the page for adding a new plan. Perform the following steps:

Adding a plan

  • Enter the plan's name.

  • Upload an image.

  • Click Add new camera:

    • From the camera list, select the camera you need

    • Position the camera on the map by moving the camera icon on the image or specifying its coordinates in the Horizontal position and Vertical position fields.

    • Adjust the camera angle using the slider or entering a value in the Angle field.

  • If you need to add additional cameras, repeat the above steps.

  • To complete the plan creation, click the save button.

To delete an image for uploading a new one, click the button to access additional functions and select Delete image.

Deleting an image

To view or delete an added camera, click on the corresponding icons in the editing menu below the image.

Viewing and editing a plan

To edit a camera plan, select the desired plan in the table and click on the row.

On the editing page, you can:

  • Change the plan's name

  • Upload a new image

  • Modify the camera locations

  • Add or delete cameras

Deleting a camera plan

To delete a camera plan:

  • Select the desired plan in the table.

  • Click the delete button and confirm the action.

Deleting a camera plan

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