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Service availability. Registration. The Portal user personal account

Unregistered users should check if the service is available at the specified address.

For this, the user should navigate to the Portal page.

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The Portal page

Here, select Service Availability or Sign Up. As a result, the Service availability form will be displayed for completion.

image 28 (1).png

The Service availability form

Specify the address and select Check.

If the service is currently unavailable at the address, you’ll be notified on it.

image 28 (2).png

The notification

You may check another address or submit a request to include the address in the expansion plan of the provider. Selecting a relevant option opens a form for completion.

image 28 (3).png

A request to include the address in the plan

If the service is available at the specified address, a confirmation message will be displayed.

image 28 (4).png

The confirmation message

Next, you can check another address or select Registration to proceed with the registration process on the Portal.

Complete the opened Registration form:

image 28 (6).png

The registration process

Depending on the settings, you have the option to use either a phone number, an email, or both for registration on the Portal.

When you enter a login, select Send confirmation code. The code will be sent either by email or as an SMS to the phone, depending on the registration method. Paste the received code to the Confirmation code field.

image 28 (7).png

Registering with a phone number

If a code wasn’t delivered, select Send code again.

Next, set the password, get acquainted with the document on the personal data process. If agreed, select the checkbox.

image 28 (9).png

The password and personal data process confirmation

Select Register to complete the registration process.

If you entered an invalid code, you’ll see a notification on it.

Upon successful registration, you navigate to the Portal user personal account to proceed with the address completion in the My data section. You can proceed with registration or select Cancel to complete it later.

Detailed description of how to complete the address and personal details, see in the Data verification documentation section.

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