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Data verification. The Portal user personal account

When registered on the Portal, you should log in to enter the personal account and submit your details to the operator for verification.

In your Portal personal account, in the My data section, the data verification process takes three steps.

Step 1. Service address

When entering the Portal for the first time, the Service address form is displayed for completion.

The list of fields may differ from the example below and depends on the system settings.

Group 7 (14).png

The Service address form

The fields will be automatically prefilled by the data entered when checking the service availability status. If required, complete the fields.

In the Additional information section, attach one or more documents that confirm the address for the service to be provided. For this, select Add file and add the document. Select Add address to finalize the procedure.

As a result, the added address will be listed in the list of the added addresses.

image 29.png

Step 1

You can add multiple addresses by selecting the Add addresses option.

The service availability check is automatically performed. If the service isn’t available, you’ll see a relevant notification on the form.

Group 8 (4).png

The added addresses

To edit or delete an added address, select the relevant icon of the address.

When all addresses are added, select Next to proceed to step 2 (Personal data). You can return to step 1 to edit addresses if required.

Step 2. Personal data

In step 2, Personal data, of the data verification process, complete the form with your personal data and attach the requested document.

The list of fields may differ from the example below and depends on the system settings.

image 32 (1).png

Data verification step 2

To save the completed information and added document, select Save changes. You’ll automatically proceed to step 3 to complete verification and submit your data to the operator. You can still return to and edit the addresses and your personal data.

Step 3. Verification completion

In step 3, Verification completion, review the completed data. If you need to edit the completed information, select Back to navigate to the relevant section.

Group 10 (1).png

Step 3

To complete step 3, select Complete data verification. As a result, your data will be submitted to the operator for further verification.

After completion of step 3, editing of the submitted data isn’t available anymore.

You’ll be automatically navigated to the My data section and see a notification that your submitted data is awaiting verification.

Group 11 (1).png

The notification in the My data tab

Until the submitted information is verified by the operator, access to the personal account functionality remains limited.

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