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Settings. Web client user

The Settings section contains the following subsections.


The section contains two tabs:

General information

  • Login, name, and phone number of the current user

  • QR code for downloading the application

  • Password change (available with appropriate permissions)

Changing the login and phone number is only possible through the provider.


The tab contains a list of active/inactive sessions of the current user and his sub-users.


List of sessions

To end a session, place the cursor on the session and click End Session.

Closing a session may result in loss of active user data


  • Contact specialists from the support service.

About the system:

Navigate to a page containing links to desktop and mobile versions of the application, as well as documents

Users (available with appropriate permissions):

  • Information about created users

  • Adding users

  • Setting up user access rights

The Settings section

The following describes how to add and edit users.


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