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Users. Web client user

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When you go to a subsection, a list of users is displayed.

This functionality is available with appropriate access rights.


Adding new user

To add a user, follow these steps:

  • Click on «Add user». If at the same time a message about payment for the service is displayed on the screen, then if you agree with the terms, click «Confirm». To view the terms and conditions, click on the link in the message

Confirmation of agreement with the terms

  • Enter the following information:

    • Name

    • Email

    • Password

  • Specify access restrictions:

    • Accessible cameras

    • Accessible layouts

    • Accessible camera groups

  • Specify the action limit. For detailed settings, click on the action name to expand the list:

    • Licenses

      • If necessary, specify the number of licenses of each level that will be available to the user

      • If necessary, provide access to create analytics business cases

    • Analytics business cases

    • Analytics resources

    • Analytics resource groups

    • License statistics

    • Archive

    • Screenshots

    • Cameras

    • Events

    • Camera groups

    • Intercom

    • Layouts

    • Login 

    • Maps

    • Tags

    • PTZ

    • Scripts

    • User settings

  • If necessary, specify an available pool of IP addresses from which access to the web interface is allowed. In case a user attempts to access the application from an IP address that is not included in the specified pool of addresses, a message like «Access from this IP address is not available» will be displayed on the login page

A sub-user can only be given access to a layout and/or group if they have been granted access to view cameras included in those layouts and/or groups.

Setting permissions

The user will receive an error notification in the following cases:

  • The user granted access to a layout but did not provide access to all cameras within that layout

  • The user granted access to a camera group but did not provide access to all cameras within that group

  • The user revokes camera access from a sub-user but leaves layouts containing the camera accessible

  • The user revokes camera access from a sub-user but leaves camera groups containing the camera accessible

After removing analytics licenses from a user, information regarding analytics types, reactions, events, and analytics resources will be retained for 7 days and then deleted.

To create a user and save settings, click the «Save» button (this functionality is available with appropriate access rights).

User duplication

A sub-user duplication function is provided. The function allows you to quickly create a new sub-user with the existing settings of the previous one.

When duplicating, all settings are copied, with the exception of login and password.

To duplicate a sub-user:

  • Log in to your sub-user profile

  • Click «Duplicate user». As a result, you will be taken to the settings page for the new sub-user


Duplicate sub-user

  • If necessary, edit the permission list for the new sub-user

  • Enter your new username and password

  • At the bottom of the page, click «Create user»

Changing password

To change your password, follow these steps:

  • Go to the user's profile

  • Click on «Change password»

  • In the opened window, enter your current password, new password, and confirm it

  • Click the «Apply password» button

The password must contain at least 6 characters.

It can include uppercase and lowercase Latin letters, numbers, and special characters: {6-255} [a-z 0-9 !@#$%&*()_+-=[]{};\ ':"|,.<>/?]

User deletion

To delete a user, open the list of users, click the delete button, and confirm the deletion.

When a user is deleted, all information related to the analytical cases they created is also deleted.

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