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The Analytics tab. The Administrator client

The Analytics tab is intended for setting up face recognition on the intercom, with the purpose of further opening the door as a result of recognition.

The Analytics tab

To set up analytics, follow the steps:

  • Add resource group.

  • Add resources to group.

  • Set up analytics.

If necessary, it is possible to edit a resource group, resources, analytics settings, delete resources and resource groups.

Add a resource group

To add a resource group:

  • Click the Add group button.

  • Enter group name.

  • Click the Create button.

Add a resource group

Edit a resource group

This will open the resource group editing page. You can also go to it by clicking on a group in the list.

Edit resource group

On the page, it is possible:

  • Add resource

  • Move resource

  • Copy resource

  • Delete resource

  • Search resources

Add resource

To add a resource:

  • Click on the Add resources button.

  • Select files or move them to the specified area. The following file types are supported: jpg, jpeg, bmp, png, tiff, psd. If necessary, remove unnecessary files or add more files.

  • Click the Upload button.

Add resources

Move and copy resource

To move a resource means to move it from one resource group to another, removing that resource from the original group.

Copying a resource means copying it from one group to another, and the given resource will be in both resource groups.

To move or copy a resource:

  • Check the checkbox for one or more resources.

  • Click on the Move or Copy button.

Selecting resources

  • In the window that opens, select one group to move or one or more groups to copy. If necessary, use the search.

  • Click on the Submit button.

Copy resource

Delete resource

To delete a resource:

  • Check the checkbox for one or more resources.

  • Click on the Delete selected button.

You can search for resources in a special field.


Set up analytics

To configure analytics, click the Analytics management button.

The Analytics management button

In the window that opens:

Analytics management

  • Set up the recognition percentage (the minimum matching percentage to trigger a reaction).

  • Create or select a resource group from the list of existing ones.

    • To create a new resource group, click on the corresponding button. When creating a group, the same procedure is repeated as when adding a resource group, described earlier.

    • To select a group from the list of existing ones, click on the Select from the list of existing ones button:

      • Select one or more groups. If necessary, use the search.

      • Click on the Add button.

Adding resource groups

  • If necessary, review the added resource groups or remove them. When viewing added groups, it is possible to remove one or more groups. It is also possible to add other resource groups or create a new one.

Added groups

  • Save the settings by clicking on the corresponding button.

Saving settings

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