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The subsection displays a list of all users – subscribers with access to cameras and user interfaces, including temporary users and sub-users.

VMS provides three types of users:

  • Users created in the Customer's system. In the table, such users are marked as Created via billing.

  • Users created by the VMS system administrator. In the table, such users are marked as Created by administrator. Such users are temporary, their access to the system is valid until the date specified by the administrator and can be limited functionally.

  • Sub-users. Their creation is carried out by the user in the VMS web user interface.

Only the users added by the VMS administrator can create sub-users.

image 26 (4).png

The Users list

The section includes two tabs:

  • Users – a list of users and temporary users created by the Customer and the VMS system administrator or through billing.

  • Sub-users – list of all sub-users.

Each tab provides user search:

  • On the Users tab – by user name and login.

  • On the Sub-users tab – by the name and login of the sub-user, as well as by the name and login of the user who added the sub-user.

To view a user card, click on the desired entry in the list.


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